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Controls support

Commercial automation means HVAC control, which means small power and devices that operate big power and devices. Computer programs make it happen. My skills span from computer code to the threshold of big power.

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Prevention (PM)

Preventative maintenance includes testing and calibration. Calibration ensures graphics reflect true values. Testing heating and cooling before the season allows correction instead of chaos. Ventilation saves cooling costs.

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Service (PM)

Service maintenance includes cleaning coils and pre-filters, changing belts, filters and lubricating bearings, usually under the maintenance mechanic's direction. This frees up mechanics to focus on specialized tasks.

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Rules and rates

Legal stuff to keep the suits happy and current support prices.

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Handyman support

Odd projects when you don't know who to call. Call 'OG with a truck'.

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Healthy buildings are happy buildings. Is yours happy?


Control Freak

My intent is not to argue merits of control theory, but to lead you through the fog of it. As someone who used to train, I can tell you that receiving training and being trained are not the same thing. One day in 1996, I relocated to the owners side of the table and have been there since. I have helped owners, managers, maintenance personnel, and competitors.

Solving control issues is all the same to me and it may seem like or actually be that I am a little autistic that way. I am on the side of the equipment first, which makes the tenant happy, which makes the owner happy.

The world of automation control is far more than turning things on and off. It’s about balance and comfort and psychology and reason and capacity and preparation and serving others. Control, as a service to others is a beautiful thing that when successfully executed goes unnoticed.


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