HANDYMAN (full definition) per WAC 296-200A-016 (26)

 A contractor in this specialty must be an individual who does all work personally without employees or other specialty contractors. A handyman may perform more than one unrelated specialty trade or craft provided they do all the work themselves. All work shall be limited to minor casual work of existing residential maintenance and repair with a total dollar value of time and materials under two thousand dollars. Work requiring a building permit may not be done by this specialty. If the registered contractor is a corporation or limited liability company (LLC), one person must be identified as a handyman. Work in this specialty may also require plumber certification per chapter 18.106 RCW and/or an electrical license per chapter 19.28 RCW.


Chainsaw work

 My focus for this specialty license is chainsaw work and wood splitting.

 L&I restrictions are that I can’t cut down a tree, but I can cut up a down tree. Gotta love government.

 It doesn’t say you can’t cut it down, so I can cut it up.


Campfire wood

 I have a substantial amount of property cleanup to perform due to recent logging activity. That means stump ends will be split, bagged and available for camp and back yard fires. 3 mil bags will fill twenty inches of a 32 gallon trash can and include kindling bark.

 Bags keep your car clean and the wood dry.

 Mixed bags will include roughly one third quantity of Red Fir and/or Northern Larch (Tamarack) end splits. Bag price $10.00 or two for $15.00.

 Premium bags will include only Red Fir and/or Northern Larch end splits. Bag price $15.00 or two for $20.00.

 Scheduled delivery to central point pickup locations  or multiple delivery runs will be included free of charge. Special delivery will be negotiable.

 Available while supplies last. Order ahead please. Extra bags usually available. More details as production develops.