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The rules are many and varied due to licensing and compliance. Specialty contractors are required to be both licensed and bonded in the state where the work is to be performed and work within the scope of the specialty license, according to the authority having jurisdiction (AHJ), in this case Washington State Department of Labor and Industries.

Additionally, electrical contractor work must be performed in compliance with current NEC (National Electric Code) and NFPA 70 (National Fire Protection Act). State contractors must also maintain compliance with W.A.C. (Washington Administrative Code) codes.

What that means in dog years is that I can only work within the scope of my specialty licenses, which are listed on the Higher Elevations Company website ‘Home’ page and also below:

'Higher Elevations'


'OG with a truck'


So long as this is clearly understood, you should know that there is no contractor license for consulting. There is no insurance, bond or liability coverage for consulting. Advice is provided as-is and you accept it at your own risk.

So please be patient if you are reminded of this. It’s the only way we are able to help you. Most companies won’t help, for fear of legal jeopardy and that can be as dangerous as it is annoying.

Accuracy: We will make a reasonable attempt to provide accurate information. Trade secrets, protected proprietary documentation and obsolete materials guarded by vendors are obviously unavailable for public discovery. We claim no access to such information.


Service and support rates are negotiated on a spot basis depending on the type of work, amount of work, frequency of work, contracts and travel required. Small projects may be bid on a job rather than hourly basis. None of our current commercial contract customers pay more than half of the current industry standard rates. If you’re not competition, you won’t either.

We can charge up to the industry rates for certain bids. One previous example of this was a competing controls vendor who bought us out of a school district with low initial bids, and returned to standard rates once we were gone. Upon an emergency return call we charged the same rate as that vendor, ($125.00 per hour) for the visit including travel time.

That said, the standard rate for DDC automation and limited energy electrical & HVAC support services is $125.00 per hour. The standard rate for handyman service is $105.00 per hour.

Mileage charges: are based upon the distance from the U.S. Post Office in Springdale, Washington to the location where the work will take place. Our mileage charge is $1.00 per mile. In some cases mileage charges are suspended as part of the bid. In other cases mileage might be the only charge for a visit.

Per diem fee: If the work spans several days, or requires an early arrival the day before, a $100.00 per day (per diem) fee may apply.

Insurance and permits: You are solely responsible for any insurance and/or permit requirements necessary for your project.

Other conditions and provisions:

Any R.C.W. (Revised Code of Washington), W.A.C. code, or Washington State Department of Labor and Industries applicable requirements supersede any contradictions included in this documentation.

Your cost will not exceed your estimate and your estimate will include any applicable taxes. You can cancel handyman work right up to the point of completion for any reason. You can cancel spot electrical work right up to the point of completion for reasonable cause, however you will be responsible for permit and possibly travel costs. Your satisfaction with our work guides our policy.

If we are unable to arrive at an appointed time, due to reasons beyond our control, the appointment will be rescheduled and you will receive $100.00 credit toward the work.

Your signature on the bid estimate is confirmation of your acceptance of this agreement.