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Let’s get this out at the start. If someone wants to calibrate your room sensors in the middle of the room, away from the sensor, or in moving air, or standing next to it with a radio or phone, thank them, dismiss them and save the money. It can’t make things better.

Room temperature calibration is performed so the operator sees the temperature that the sensor sees. Many factors can introduce inaccuracy to the process, such as a cold chase in a hollow wall, control air influence, nearby heat sources, wireless transmission and isolation behind barriers.

Don’t expect a room sensor to overcome these influences through psychic interpretation. You will be disappointed. For example consider a sensor in the path of controlled air flow. During the heat cycle the sensor will call for cooling and vise versa. Programming has to compensate for this.

Heat breaks in winter and cool breaks in summer. It’s part one of the natural law of things that break. Part two is that all things break at the same time. Preventive maintenance checks the heat before winter and the cool before summer allowing more time for correction.

Calibration of fan and filter differential pressure switches (proof switches) reduces alarms and ensures the heat and cool cycles will be available.

Verification of economizer damper operation allows savings, balance and fresh air.

The operative term in prevention is pre, which allows you to ‘pre-act’ instead of react. Records of testing and verification dates ensure periodic inspection and evaluation of operating conditions.