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It started out by helping out. A man on the crew had shoulder surgery. He wasn’t on the job but he wasn’t off the job. What followed was a crash course of cleaning coils with a pressure washer, changing belts and sheaves, motors, blowers and shafts, greasing bearings, filters, pre-filters and fan blades.

Now when I identify a broken part on my PM rounds, I call for the parts and fix it on a separate invoice, because calibration and testing in my location isn’t taxable, while maintenance and repair is.

A new page in my work opened and just as I carved out a niche as the owner's controls consultant, I added many of the tools necessary to assist with the seasonal maintenance PMs.

So if your crew finds itself a man short without a position to fill for any reason, I might be able to fill in the gap and save you the money of contracting the work out. I’m here when you need me, gone when you don’t and I cover my own taxes and insurance.