Summer of 2017

 I cleaned HVAC condenser coils using school district provided equipment and prescribed procedures for air handlers, roof tops, split-system heat-pumps, closet heat-pumps, and air-cooled chillers across ten or more schools.

 Pressure cleaned pre-filters, checked and changed belts, lubed fan blower bearings and replaced sheaves.

 Cleaned up leaves and debris in HVAC pens.

 Most residential heat-pump and AC systems have a condenser located on a concrete pad outside the home.

 Many homeowners are capable of disconnecting the power, removing the covers, vacuuming the coils, spraying them with approved cleaning solutions, rinsing them with low pressure washers, safely replacing the capacitors and condenser fans and blades.

 But if you are not one of those homeowners, I can help you with that and you should keep a spare compressor capacitor on hand because capacitors only fail on the weekend when the supply places are closed, it's 100 degrees outside and only the emergency repair technician is available. That's mostly a joke but not really.