DDC experience with vintage Alerton (Apex/ Tux) Barber-Coleman (8000/ 86000) Robertshaw (DMS levels 9/10/11/Micronet) Siemens Powers (600) to include programming, graphics modification, trouble-shooting, testing and database files.

Actuators, relays, timers, current switches, sensors (RTD/Thermistor/2-10/4-20) conditioners, contactors, capacitors, DP switches, controllers, communications trunks, controls wiring, HVAC schematics, VFD drives setup, equipment and device replacement, trouble-shooting, testing and calibration.

PM & Service

Fan, heat, cool, economizer cycle verification and testing.

Bearing lubrication, Belt replacement, coil cleaning, Filter changing, pre-filter cleaning. Blower, shaft and motor replacement.

Pneumatics systems (Robertshaw) trouble-shooting, device replacement receiver controller tuning.

OG with a truck

Handyman work in support of private property owners to perform minor and casual work of existing residential maintenance and repair. A handyman may perform more than one unrelated specialty trade or craft provided they do all the work themselves, without employees or other specialty contractors. Per WAC 296-200A-016 (26) The entire code paragraph is provided on the ‘Handyman / more’ link below. Basically, it’s odd jobs, clean-up and small dirty hauling in support of these activities. Equipment and tools are located on the linked page as well.